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Getting Followers To Get You

Getting Followers To Get You

It is one of the most familiar casual references made by most American English speakers and a growing number of English language speakers from around the world who remain under the influence of US culture and mores, for better or for worse. But of course, it is mostly all good. Just look what this country’s innovators have brought to the rest of the world. A vast treasure trove of conveniently modern technologies, among which are today’s social media networks, which just happens to be among the favourites, alongside all the portable and lightweight devices used to navigate the networks.

These devices, otherwise known as your smart mobiles, no-one seems to live without these days. Heck, even grannies and grandpas won’t be seen dead or alive without their mobiles. Like the gardens they’ve spent many years cultivating, they cherish their tools and their Instagram pages to keep in close touch with long-lost family members, especially their grownup grandkids who are doing so well for themselves, all thanks to a fine education, being classed as the next generation of millennials and being ahead of the game in terms of online entrepreneurial endeavors otherwise casually or assertively referred to as startups. Start-ups or startups? One word or two words?

Far too confusing for the old schoolers to comprehend perhaps. Nevertheless, the casual reference initiated by today’s generation and piggy-backed by a great many others to fully comprehending and following and understanding what the communicant’s message is all about is…

I get you.

It is also a sympathetic response to folks going through challenging times, even though they really don’t get it, understandably so, because we are all human and cannot always appreciate the private traumas that others are faced with. At least with social media, it’s become a little easier for folks to open up. And I get that many of you might not be cutting it in social media circles. It’s for me a classic case of…

Been there, done that. Tried it all, going as far back as Blogger. EEK! That’s the millennials’ shrieks of horror. Anyhow, I’m here to tell you that today you can learn how to get Instagram followers to get you. Even if you bought some of your pals, it’s still going to take some time to get to know one another. That’s one quality you’ve got to have when dealing with the pressures of being popular, or not, on Instagram and the like. You’ve got to have patience. And sometimes you’ve also got to have a thick skin.

Business leaders and innovators have hides as thick as those giant dinosaurs that walked the planet all those millions of years ago. Dinosaurs, millennials, what a curious comparison. Anyway, you being familiar with the modern version of the English language, I’m pretty sure you got what I was sentimentalizing about. But if not, if you’re a non-native English speaker, then that’s okay too. Just keep drilling away and soon enough, you’ll get it too.

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